DelphineVintage supplied vintage clothing and accessories

for costume or as inspiration in many films, TV series,

theatre and opera including:

Catch 22
Made in Italy
Since 2009 I have personally worked as a costume designer and supplied vintage clothing for several
films by the directors Riccardo Bernasconi and Francesca Reverdito such as
La Danse des Nymphes short 2010
Tzirk short 2010
Hello Stranger 2012
La farfalla di lana short 2015

Rabbit Girl short 2015
The Bride of the Undead short 2016
La Stirpe di Orazio webseries 2016 for wich I was also awarded Best costume Designer at Rio Web Fest
2017 and nominated for Best Costume Designer at Seoul Web Fest 2017
and finally on the youtube series La Signorina Adamantina webseries 2017


Via Guglielmo Pepe, 16 20159 Milano MI

Tel: 347.7347030